Hard Drive Shredding and Destruction

The best way to avoid your electronic information getting into the wrong hands is to use STS Florida Electronic Recycling’s hard drive destruction service to ensure confidential and highly sensitive data isn’t compromised.  In this day and time, the information stored on your hard drives is not as safe as you may think. When a hard drive is approaching end of life, proper hard drive destruction procedures should weigh heavily in the disposal process. By electronically wiping, destroying or shredding end of life hard drives, tape media or electronic media you can rest assured your information is not available for recovery by third parties. With STS’s secure and confidential hard drive destruction services, we will ensure that your hard drives are properly destroyed before being properly recycled.

Onsite Hard Drive and Data Destruction Service

Our professionally trained technicians will travel to your facility and, while in your presence, remove, and destroy hard drives. Our hard drive punching equipment applies enough force to break the platter, making it impossible to recover any data on your hard drives. After the hard drive destruction is complete, all materials are securely transported in locked containers with GPS tracking from your location to ours for proper recycling.

Please call our information line at (305) 688-7727 to schedule a hard drive recycling or destruction appointment.

Hard Drive Wiping Service

STS offers secure hard drive wiping to ensure that all your data is untraceable. We offer the three pass wipe: US DoD 5220.22-M DoD which overwrites all data from your hard drives. We have other customizable wiping data destruction options which are available upon request. Using a ‘soft’ destruction method is just as secure as physical destruction, but allows a drive to be considered for reuse, providing more long-term environmental benefit.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

STS will physically destroy hard drives to ensure data security which involves punching and/or shredding the hard drive so all information/data is destroyed and physically impossible to retrieve.

Recycling and Complying with Legislation

Whether your hard drive is wiped or physically destroyed STS is committed to making sure each punched, destroyed, and wiped hard drive is in compliance with federal and state regulations so you can rest easy knowing your information is disposed of safely. Whether you’re a medical facility, school, financial organization, or any type of business, having a certificate of destruction ensures the final step in the data destruction process for full compliancy with privacy laws like HIPAA, DOD, FERPA, FACTA and GLBA.